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Open Source Firmware Conference 2018

Oleksij Rempel | | Conference, Event, barebox

At September 12-15 the first conference focusing exclusively on open source firmware took place in Erlangen, Germany - the OSFC 2018. The mission of this conference is to provide an appropriate platform to bring together as many Open Source projects, hardware manufacturers and developers as possible, in order to collaborate, share knowledge and push the firmware development in an Open Source manner.

Pengutronix TechWeek 2018: Cortex-M Coprocessor and MIPS

Oleksij Rempel | | Event, i.MX7, MIPS, Kernel, barebox

Several i.MX SoC versions, for example i.MX7D, i.MX6SX and the i.MX8 derivates are asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) systems: They have at least one ARM Cortex A core and at least one ARM Cortex M core.


Robert Schwebel | | barebox

Das Barebox Projekt hat Version 2014.03.0 des Bootloaders veröffentlicht.


Jürgen Borleis | | barebox

Die Version 2014.02.0 des Barebox Bootloaders wurde veröffentlicht: