The OSELAS.Toolchain() project provides cross development tools for embedded Linux projects: GCC, GNU binutils, GDB and glibc.

We update the major versions about once per year and provide bugfix releases.


The sources of the current version can be obtained from the download archive: OSELAS.Toolchain 2022.10.0

If you use Debian or Ubuntu, you can install OSELAS.Toolchain() packages via debian.pengutronix.de. For installing the toolchain from source or on non-Debian-based systems, refer to the PTXdist manual.


Download Archive: https://public.pengutronix.de/oselas/toolchain/
Git Server: https://git.pengutronix.de/cgit/OSELAS.Toolchain/
Mailing List: Please use the PTXdist mailing list for questions about OSELAS.Toolchain()