Mainline Kernel Development

In many embedded Linux projects, drivers must be developed or existing kernel frameworks have to be modified to meet the requirements of the product. Open Source has the advantage that one does not have to accumulate workarounds around the existing functionality of the kernel, but can adapt it so that it meets the requirements.

The Pengutronix kernel team has been working closely with the international kernel community for years. This way drivers or framework changes and kernel ports for new ARM processors find their way through the review process and into the official Mainline kernel.

In our experience, the mainlining of changes is a small amount of time that is worthwhile in the long term. In addition to the quality advantage achieved through the open review process, the customer receives support for the features he needs directly in the official kernel, and there are fewer local changes in the BSPs that have to be maintained over the years.

Kernel Maintenance

In addition to the conventional development of features for Linux, Pengutronix also offers maintenance projects. The kernel patches for Mainline, which were created during a functionally completed project, are submitted to the Linux quality assurance process. Step by step, the customer system gets closer to the mainline kernel maintained by the international community and can thus be maintained cost-effectively in the long term.