Articles by Ahmad Fatoum

Pengutronix 2023: A Year in Review - Part I

Another exciting yet challenging year has passed. We are a year closer to the Y2038 problem, OpenSSL 1.1.1 is finally history, kernel v4.14 from 2017 will finally be discontinued in four weeks, upcoming LTS kernels will only be supported for two years. The relevance of Linux, not just in embedded systems, is soaring. Simultaneously, the European (Open Source) software world faces necessary but challenging transformations, heralded by the upcoming Cyber Resilience Act.

Showcase: Embedded off-the-shelf

A firmware upgrade is due. A newly implemented feature needs to be rolled out, a security issue patched or new hardware support added. The software, while capable, is complex. Pengutronix' strategy to handle this complexity is working on a version- controlled Board Support Package (BSP) with continuous updates and tests on the latest mainline Linux kernel.