Robert Schwebel | | barebox

The Barebox project has released version 2014.03.0 of its bootloader:

New or updated Barebox features are:

  • The i.MX25 and i.MX27 processors got support for initializing from devicetree now. For the other i.MX boards supported in Barebox, the devicetrees have been updated.
  • Initial support for the MIPS Loongson architecture has been added.
  • The UBIFS implementation is now able to read links.
  • We can now automatically construct a console= parameter for the kernel, by reading the necessary information from the oftree.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, i.e. for eMMC, SoC type detection for i.MX6, PFD clock gating, the ASIX AX88772B USB network card, NAND chip handing and SD cards on MX25.
  • A new driver for the National Semiconductor DP83865 PHY has been added, and the Freescale MCIMX53-START-R is now supported and the support for Tegra20 was improved.
  • The environment for the sandbox has been updated.

All in all, Barebox makes good progress. We see more and more community people working with it in the meantime.