labgrid: Test Automation Framework Released

Robert Schwebel | | labgrid

At Pengutronix, one of the most important tasks in our industrial linux projects is testing of embedded systems. While testing is easy on the component level (there are many unit test frameworks around), it is increasingly difficult on system level. Tests do not only run code and compare results, they need to bring the device-under-test into different states (i.e. "bootloader", "linux console", "power off"). If you have many embedded Linux devices, remote-controlling power, serial consoles, network, switches, reset lines, SD cards in scalable, automatic labs is also on the wishlist.

After 6 months of hard work behind the scenes, a team around Jan Lübbe and Rouven Czerwinski at Pengutronix released labgrid today - our framework to abstract and automate embedded Linux devices-under-test: labgrid makes it possible to use pytest for the actual tests, while the whole complexity of distributed lab automation is hidden from the test developer. While labgrid is lightweight and runs on the developer PC without much infrastructure, it can also be integrated with Jenkins, LAVA and similar build&test services.

Please check our github page and the documentation!