Launch of Linux Automation GmbH

Chris Fiege | | linux-automation

We proudly present our new spin-off Linux Automation GmbH for selling hardware products, like USB-SD-Mux.

As you know, Pengutronix has always been a software company dedicated to bringing high-quality mainline kernel and userspace code to our customers.

But we also operate on bare PCBs every day, and there was always this recurring impulse to develop some hardware we wished for in our daily work - especially when it comes to automating tests on hardware. Wouldn't it be nice to automatically switch µSD-Cards, USB-ports, network interfaces? And surely we aren't the only ones who need those tools?

When we announced the USB-SD-Mux back in 2017, the feedback was overwhelming and lots of people contacted us wanting to know how to purchase one. With this in mind Linux Automation GmbH was founded.

We are aware that you waited for this moment as much as we did, and now the first batch of USB-SD-Muxes is finally ready for shipping.

Don't hesitate, register in our shop and be one of the first to get one from the initial (limited) batch! ;)

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