Pengutronix Contributions to v4.10

Robert Schwebel | | Kernel

Here is a short report about Pengutronix' contributions to the 4.10 kernel. It mainly contains more improvements for the i.MX6 graphics and video subsystem, Etnaviv, Marvell Orion and Altera SoCFPGA.

Memory Subsystem

  • A bug was fixed that led to performance impact on CMA memory (lst)


  • Memory handling was improved for the low IOVA case (lst)
  • Move GPU linear window for i.MX6SoloX; make FAST_CLEAR work where possible (lst)
  • Don't invoke OOM killer for dump code, as it's only a debug feature (lst)
  • Return new SG table for prime (lst)
  • Implement dma-buf mmap (lst)

Graphics Subsystem

  • Add support for AUO G185HAN01 panel (lst)
  • Add support for AUO G133HAN01 panel (lst)
  • Add more properties for Innolux G121I1-L1 panel (lst)
  • Remove a warning for TC358767 analog video digitizer (lst)
  • IPU DI: silence videomode logspam (lst)
  • Remove unnecessary double disable check for i.MX LDB (pza)
  • Make the LDB_DI0 and LDB_DI1 clocks read-only (pza)
  • Mask mmdc_ch1 handshake for periph2_sel and mmdc_ch1_axi_podf (pza)
  • Initially clear all GPU interrupts, preparation for better IPU reset behaviour in the future (pza)
  • Merge ipu_plane_atomic_set_base into atomic_update for IPUv3 (pza)
  • Request modeset if plane offsets changed on IPUv3 (pza)
  • Fix LDB clock tree on i.MX6 QuadPlus (lst)

Video Subsystem

  • Support downsizing to 1/2 width and/or height in the CSI (pza)
  • Add support for YUV 4:2:2 and 4:4:4, NV12, and NV16 formats to the IPUv3 (pza)
  • Add YUV 4:4:4 support to the IPUv3 (pza)
  • Remove unused ipu_cpmem_set_yuv_planar function for IPUv3 (pza)
  • Let drm_plane_state_to_ubo/vbo handle chroma subsampling other than 4:2:0 on IPUv3 (pza)


  • Make use of CURDIR, to make the build system more robust (ukl)
  • Fix coding style in clock gate code (ukl)
  • Fix duplicate level interrupts on MXS (sha)
  • Use enable/disable regs to (un)mask irqs on MXS (sha)
  • FEC: drop check for clk==NULL before calling clk_* (ukl)

Marvell Orion

  • Fix documentation for SPI (ukl)
  • Fix some error paths alloc_nand_ressource() (ukl)
  • armada-370-rn102: add pinmuxing for i2c0 (ukl)
  • armada-370-rn102: drop specification of compatible for i2c0 (ukl)
  • armada-xp-rn2120: add pinmuxing for ethernet (ukl)
  • armada-xp-rn2120: drop wrong compatible for i2c0 (ukl)

802.15.4 / 6LoWPAN

  • Fix CCA ED values for RF233 (aar)


  • Add NAND controller nodes (str)
  • Enable QSPI, add to several oftrees (str)