ELC Europe 2016, Berlin

At the ELC Europe 2016 in Berlin our colleagues Jan Lübbe and Marc Kleine-Budde are talking about two interesting and important presentations about Kernel longterm maintenance strategies and verified boot.

Jan Lübbe talking about longtermn maintenance

Jan Lübbe talking about long term maintenance strategies of the Linux kernel. For embedded systems, an operation time of more than 10 years is not too untypical, but what do you do if the system has connectivity and you need to care about keeping the system stable and secure at the same time? The mainline kernel has interesting offerings for that, but how do you establish a working maintenance process around it? Jan's talk should give you some interesting insights.

Marc Kleine-Budde talking about verified boot

Marc Kleine-Budde talking about verified boot on i.MX6. The crypto boot topic is keeping us busy for quite some time now, so this is a good opportunity for a roll up and the state of the union.

For more discussions about the topic, Marc will also be available at the barebox booth during the booth crawl.