Now with Creative Commons!

Maybe you already noticed: we now have a footer, which only appears in our blog. This is because, until now, we released our blog content without licensing, which means that nobody could use the texts and other information given.

As an open source company this was not our intention! That is why we now license our blogposts as CC-BY-SA Version 4.0, also for the past. For code examples 0BSD-License applies.

You may therefore use and modify all texts, graphics and photos used in our blog, as long as you comply with attribution and copyleft effect. Exceptions will be clearly stated.

Have fun and happy hacking!

Further Readings

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Computer programs and code can be protected by copyright law. In Germany this protection cannot be removed. The German Copyright (German: Urheberrecht) grants all right to whoever created the work. Following only this general rule, only the developer could use, modify, share the code he wrote.