Artikel von Michael Tretter

Was ist neu in Weston 13?

Vergangenen Dienstag wurde Weston 13.0 released. Der Release enthält einige neue Features, die wir für unsere Anwendungsfälle in Embedded Systems entwickelt und nach Upstream gebracht haben. In diesem Blogpost wollen wir die für uns relevanten neuen Features — Multi-Backend, OpenGL Renderer für die PipeWire und VNC Backends, und Überlappende Outputs — erläutern und zeigen, wieso diese für Embedded wichtig sind.

Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2023: Our Recommendations

Last month Pengutronix was present at the Embedded Open Source Summit (EOSS) in Prague. Thanks to all to all speakers for sharing your knowledge! In this blog post we want to shine a spotlight at a few talks that we found especially interesting. (Links to recordings will be added once the recordings are available.)

GStreamer Conference 2019

As in the previous year, this year's GStreamer Conference took place in the same city as the ELC-E. Therefore, Michael Olbrich and Michael Tretter of the Pengutronix Graphics Team used the opportunity of already being in Lyon to also attend this conference.

Pengutronix at XDC 2018

This year the X Developer's Conference was held in A Coruña, Spain at the end of September. Pengutronix attended with three developers of the Pengutronix graphics team. This report collects the most interesting topics for graphics on Linux that were discussed at the XDC.