Conferences 2021: A Retrospective and Outlook

Marie Mann | | conference, talk

Besides the improvements around embedded Linux software and ongoing development of Linux kernel components, the Pengutronix team took the corona pandemic as an opportunity: Last year, many conferences were accessible via internet, so we joined from the comfort of our home offices and shared our experiences and ideas with the community.

For the statistics nerds among us: We were present at

  • 10 conferences with
  • 15 presentations and published
  • 18 new YouTube videos


Traditionally, the open source community meets for its annual meeting in Brussels at the beginning of February - In 2021 however, beer and waffles had to be consumed at the desk at home. Yummy :-)

The exchange took place via online lectures and the matrix messaging protocol. Of course, waffles will be baked in the kitchen at home again in February 2022.

Our Contributions:

Next Date 5th and 6th February 2022
Event URL

Chemnitzer Linux Tage

The CLT learned from the Chaos Computer Club and pixelated the lecture hall building in a workadventure. The result was a real conference experience where people spontaneously met and chatted in the corridors. At every corner, lovely designed details or participants streaming videos of their guinea pigs surprised everyone.

The world was complemented by numerous lectures and Big Blue Button rooms, offering workshops or lightening talks.

We are looking forward to the implementation in 2022 and will be there again with the Pengutronix Quiz with questions about Linux, open source and embedded topics.

Next Date 12th and 13th March 2022
Event URL

building IoT

"building IoT is the trade conference for IT professionals developing applications and products in the Internet of Things and IIoT."

We would like to thank the speakers for their excellent support during the conference and for the interesting selection of topics. We look forward to attending building IoT in the future.

Our Contributions:

Next Date 10th and 11th May 2022
Event URL


The monthly online conference programme of Open Source Development Lab (OSADL) has become an integral part of the Pengutronix team's schedule.

In the editions, various topics relating to open source software in the industrial environment are discussed and debated. The structure follows the pattern: introduction to the topic by an overview lecture, followed by an expert lecture and subsequent discussion.

Our Contribution:

  • Security requirements of embedded systems with special emphasis on field update (J. Lübbe)
Next Date 26th January 2022
Event URL

Live Embedded Event

The Live Embedded Event is another format that has emerged during the pandemic to gather the embedded community.

As the conference is initiated and hosted by our colleagues from France, the conference language is mixed French and English.

Our Contribution:

Next Date 18th May 2022
Event URL


"Over 2,000 actions nationwide and 4,325 hours of programming across Germany and in virtual space. That was Digitaltag 2021!"

For Hildesheim, we looked at the question of how to transform a city into a "smart city". To do this, we first looked at LoRaWAN as a technical building block for a smart Hildesheim and then tried to work out what a smart city can learn from Freifunk as a community project.

Our Contribution:

Next Date 24th June 2022
Event URL

FPGA-Conference Europe

The FPGA Conference is aimed primarily at industry with specialist presentations on the development of FPGAs. The focus was on supply chain security, AI and edge computing with a focus on concrete product solutions.

Our Contribution:

Next Date 5th to 7th July 2022
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The summer meeting of the German-speaking open source community also took place online in 2021. In ~ 36 hours lecture recordings, experiences with working in a home office, security vulnerabilities, entry possibilities into open source development are conveyed. A new addition is the category "Woodworking instead of IT" about hobbies and compensation possibilities that speakers have tried out and discovered during the COVID-19 contact restrictions.

Our Contribution:

Next Date unkown
Event URL


This time the ELC-E was not only a conference in Europe, but a hybrid event in the USA with guests from all over the world, on site and via the internet.

Understandably, it is difficult to accommodate all sleeping habits when a global audience gathers at a conference. Thanks to a spontaneously provided Jitsi, a technically sound exchange among the participants was well possible, but nevertheless this can hardly replace the discussion in the corridors. We are therefore very much looking forward to meeting again live at the next ELC-E conference.

Our Contributions:

Next Date 13th to 16th September 2022
Event URL


The Embedded Software Engineering (ESE) Congress describes itself as the leading congress for the embedded industry. In addition to an extensive track on management and team leadership, the congress offers basic lectures in many relevant areas of embedded development, such as test automation and code quality.

Our Contributions:

Next Date 5th to 9th December 2022
Event URL

Further Readings

Pengutronix Kernel Contributions in 2021

Robert Schwebel | | kernel, linux

2022 has started, and although Corona had a huge impact on our workflow, the Pengutronix team again made quite some contributions to the Linux kernel. The last kernel release in 2020 was 5.10, the last one in 2021 was 5.15, so let's have a look at what happened in between.

QM meets CI

Marie Mann | | talk

"Hey Marie, how do I schedule my vacation dates again?", since I'm working in the management division of Pengutronix, I know these kind of questions very well. Writing down the processes enables me to answer "RTFM". Processes are organizational tasks that need to be performed over and over again, sometimes based on a fixed interval - sometimes on demand.

Pengutronix on ELC 2021

conference, elce

The sun is shining for the last days of summer 2021. It doesn't only mean that autumn is coming, but also that this year's ELC is in preparation.

Yocto Project Virtual Summit 2021

Enrico Jörns | | Event, Yocto
On Tuesday, 25th and Wednesday, 26th, the 3rd edition of the Yocto Project Virtual Summit took place on the internet. With a fair ticket price of 40$ Pengutronix developers Jan Lübbe and Enrico Jörns got a 2-day long wild ride through the latest features, workflows and experiences with the Yocto Project.

CLT-2022: Voll verteilt!

Marie Mann | | clt, event, linux, talk, tutorial

Unter dem Motto "Voll verteilt" finden die Chemnitzer Linux Tage auch 2022 im virtuellen Raum statt. Wie auch im letzten Jahr, könnt ihr uns in der bunten Pixelwelt des Workadventures treffen und auf einen Schnack über Linux, Open Source, oder neue Entwicklungen vorbei kommen.

Pengutronix at FOSDEM 2022

"FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels." -- FOSDEM

Wir haben doch etwas zu verbergen: Schlüssel mit OP-TEE verschlüsseln

Moderne Linux Systeme müssen häufig zwecks Authentifizierung bei einer Cloud- basierten Infrastruktur oder einer On-Premise Maschine eigene kryptografische Schlüssel speichern. Statt der Verwendung eines Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), bieten moderne ARM Prozessoren die TrustZone-Technologie an, auf deren Basis ebenfalls Schlüssel oder andere Geheimnisse gespeichert werden können. Dieses Paper zeigt die Nutzung des Open Portable Trusted Execution Environments (OP- TEE) mit der Standardkonformen PKCS#11 Schnittstellen und i.MX6 Prozessoren von NXP als Beispiel.

Smart City - vom Rapid Prototyping bis zur Tragfähigen Infrastruktur

Wir wollen zum Bundesweiten Digitaltag am 18.6.2021 das Thema "Smarte Städte" ein bisschen von der technischen Seite beleuchten, aber keine Angst: es bleibt für alle verständlich.

Pengutronix at FOSDEM 2021

"FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels. In 2021, they will gather online." -- FOSDEM

Pengutronix at Live Embedded Event

conference, event, testing

Now that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has gotten used to digitalisation and online conferences - it has never been easier to organise a conference and bring together all experts and interested parties for a few hours of intensive exchange of ideas on a certain topic.